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Case Study: Sterling Legal Services, Inc.

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Project Summary:

Sterling Legal Services is a prestigious legal services firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. The firm specializes in arbitration, mediation, taxes, trademarks, consumer advocacy, and corporate formation. Sterling Legal Services assists the community in retaining their financial and intellectual dignity by providing ethical practices in various divisions of consumer advocacy, small business, and economic advancement. 

Our partnership with Sterling Legal Services encompassed a comprehensive range of initiatives to bolster their digital presence and engagement. At the core of our collaboration were strategic email marketing campaigns, meticulously crafted to effectively reach and resonate with their target audience.

In parallel, we embarked on a transformative branding journey, crafting a distinct brand identity that encompassed logo development, website design and development, and captivating social media graphics. This holistic approach aligned their visual presence with their unique essence, enabling them to make a compelling impression in the digital sphere.

Our commitment to content development ensured a steady flow of valuable information, engaging their audience and establishing thought leadership. To enhance their online visibility, we implemented both on-page and off-page SEO optimization, boosting their search engine rankings and driving organic traffic.

Lastly, our Google Review management strategy amplified their reputation, fostering trust and credibility among their clients. Our collective efforts were aimed at positioning Sterling Legal Services as a formidable force in their industry, poised for sustained growth and engagement.

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Our Role:

 Before partnering with The Blueprint Haus Agency, Sterling Legal Services lacked a functional website that fully detailed their areas of professional legal expertise and scope of services. The legal services firm did not have a strategic communications plan or customer relationship management system in place to generate and nurture potential new leads. 

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What We Managed:

The Blueprint Haus Agency developed an accelerated digital marketing and corporate communications plan to elevate brand presence, build demand generation, and increase market visibility.

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Client Outcome & Key Results

Elevated Brand Visibility, Improved Demand Generation, Refined Target Market Reach, Increased MQL's, Improved Email Open Rate, Increased Website Traffic, and Accelerated Revenue Growth.

The Blueprint Haus Agency managed the development and distribution of the communication assets for Sterling Legal Services. Our experienced creative team had the privilege of designing the firm's new website and collection of elevated brand collateral utilized to strategically communicate the brand's messaging and unique capabilities in professional legal services. 

In addition, we had the pleasure of developing the firm's weekly email marketing campaigns to grow our lead database, nurture our contacts, and improve our customer journey through the email sales funnel. 

Our agency's design team created a number of captivating graphics and key design assets to help drive awareness, boost engagement, and tap into the emotions of individuals seeking a trusted legal team to address their needs. 

The work that The Blueprint Haus Agency performed for Sterling Legal Services in 2021 led to the firm's gross of over 1 million in sales. 

Key Stats: 

Increased Reach: Over 50K+ New Business Leads
Revenue Growth: 20% Increase in Net Company Sales Revenue 
*Comparative Data from Q.3 - Q.4 (2020) through Q.1 - Q.2 (2021)
Revenue Growth: 37% Increase in Net Company Sales Revenue 
*Comparative Data from Q.3 - Q.4 (2021) through Q.1 - Q.2 (2022)

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Email Distribution Platform (Mailchimp)

Top Tools Utilized for Data Analytics & Reporting:

Google Analytics, HubSpot, MailChimp, and SemRush

Tech Stack: 

Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop and Illustrator), WordPress, Wix, Box, Canva, Google Analytics, HubSpot,, Office 365, and SemRush.

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Key Snapshots:

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