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Our Agency

Blueprint Haus Agency is an award-winning integrated marketing and start-up development accelerator. Our results are proven, our team is highly sought-after, and our performance is unmatched. We take pride in standing by our commitment to deliver the best work among our community of respected clients and valued stakeholders. We love providing feedback and helpful insight, but most importantly we strive to bring our clients' visions to life through our talented work.

Our Services


Branding and Creative

Brand Strategy 

Brand Identity

Brand Creative Design 

Creative Assets and Collateral 


Digital Marketing & Corporate Communications 

Brand Partnerships

Content Marketing Strategy

Content Development



Social Media Strategy

Email Marketing

Social Media Ads


Market Research & Intelligence

Web Design & Development

Media Relations

Digital Marketing

Press Outreach

Photos & Videography

Analyst Relations

Sponsorship Fundraising Outreach

Influencer/Affiliate Marketing

Public Relations Campaigns

Data & Measurement



Business Acceleration

Business Plans

Grant Research/ Proposals

Investor Relations

Business Funding

Statewide Disadvantaged Business Certification

Startup Development

Small Business/ Startup Capital

Investor Strategy

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