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Case Study: Innovated Med Pharmaceutical

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Project Summary

Our partnership with Innovated Med Pharmaceutical involved the creation of a dynamic business development strategy and a robust community outreach sales campaign focused on key healthcare institutions across the metro Chicago area. With a laser-focused approach, we orchestrated brand activations that comprised a range of engaging initiatives, including company-sponsored Lunch & Learn sessions tailored for hospitals, medical centers, clinics, and private practices, along with community events that fostered meaningful connections.

Our concerted efforts resulted in remarkable outcomes, driving wholesale orders to soar by over 30% and contributing to a substantial 20% growth in revenue. By orchestrating targeted brand activations, we effectively positioned Innovated Med Pharmaceutical as a trusted and influential presence within the local healthcare ecosystem, amplifying their impact and contributing significantly to their strategic growth objectives.

Our role


Brand & Marketing Accelerator

Brand Accelerator works with small business owners who want to market their business but don't have the time or expertise to do it themselves.


Growth Expert

We help Real estate Brokers, Teams & Agents GROW by generating a consistent flow of motivated Buyers/Sellers using our proven marketing and follow-up system.

What we managed

B2B & B2C Direct Marketing, Business Development Management & Strategy, Partnership Marketing, Social Media Marketing Strategy, Facebook Ad Campaigns and Landing Page Development, Experiential Marketing Events, Qualified Lead Generation, and Sales.

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Our Results & Client Outcomes

Innovated Med Pharmaceutical launched their Chicago-based pharmaceutical brand in the fall of 2019. The brand expressed interest in selecting a qualified marketing expert to build community relationships with Chicago’s professional medical doctors, healthcare professionals, hospitals and specialty clinics in efforts to build awareness for their newly launched natural supplements.

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