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Case Study: Busy Broker


Project Summary

In collaboration with Busy Broker, we crafted a comprehensive digital marketing strategy poised to propel the startup toward a successful Go-To-Market (GTM) launch. Our mission was to establish a robust online presence, creating anticipation and buzz around the impending launch. By harnessing our expertise in integrated digital marketing, we equipped Busy Broker with a tailored strategy that optimally positioned them for an impactful entry into the market. Through careful planning and strategic execution, we set the stage for their GTM success.

Our Role

Chief Marketing Officer

Items we Managed

2023 Business Plan, 2023 Digital Marketing & Communications Strategy

Our Results

The Blueprint Haus Agency developed a 2023 Business Plan to outline Busy Broker's intended plan to develop a groundbreaking peer-to-peer mobile application designed to help top-producing real estate brokers outsource common real estate tasks, while offering licensed real estate agents and experienced contractors paid opportunities to earn additional income, gain industry experience, and stay up-to-date in the industry by completing common tasks and relevant work assignments. 


The agency also developed a 2023 Digital Marketing & Communications Strategy to design the company's unique value proposition, go-to market strategy, multi-channel marketing initiatives and programmatic campaigns, competitive analysis, target market demographic, and key performance indicators to measure performance against key objectives and industry benchmarks.

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